The game-changing BATLite® (BadAss Tactical Lighting) system is designed specifically for rugged use and abuse in military field applications. Drop them or dunk them, freeze them or fry them, throw them in a truck — they just keep working. In fact, these military shelter lights can be rolled up with the tent at breakdown without damage — ready to plug in and turn on immediately the next time the tent is set up.

And get this — BATLite units use up to 60% less energy than other lights, with an unprecedented life expectancy of approximately 50,000 hours. That means you could leave a BATLite unit on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for almost six years — and about twelve years under normal use!

Designed to disperse light evenly across the workspace area, BATLite lighting systems accommodate up to sixty lights with a single outlet — and convert to mission critical blackout mode at the flip of a single master switch. Talk about BadAss!

Made entirely in the USA, the BATLite tactical lighting system can be installed in any tent, anytime, anywhere — and can even be installed at the factory.

Force Provider’s Chosen Expeditionary Light.

Nearly Indestructible

You don’t have time to baby your shelter lighting. With BATLite® tactical lighting, you’ll never have to.

Energy Efficient

The BATLite® tactical lighting system illuminates your tent or shelter at a fraction of the energy cost.

Incredibly Trouble-Free

For lighting that installs quickly, configures easily and is maintenance-free, choose BATLite® tactical lighting.