Frequently Asked Questions

Each BATLite unit has a short cable terminating in a standard NEMA 5-15 female receptacle and a longer cable terminating in a standard NEMA 5-15 male plug. The lights are connected to one another by inserting the next light’s male plug into the previous light’s female receptacle.

The cable is integral to the light. The total cable length, measured from end to end, is 60”. Any excess cable length may be coiled up, if desired.

Up to 60 BATLite fixtures may be connected to one another in series. (Using more than 60 may degrade the illumination output and/or trip the circuit breaker.)

US Military standards call for using 30-50 foot-candles of illumination for most tasks and activities. To achieve this illumination, a rule of thumb is to use one BATLite units per 25 square feet of shelter floor space. (This assumes a floor-to-light height of about 90”). A single 20’ x 32’ shelter will need about 14 BATLite units spaced 60” apart. The mounting “quad” would be 5’ x 5’. Lowering the mounting or hanging height reduces the number of lights needed per shelter.

A single hanging/adjustment hook-and-loop strap is inserted through the integral BATLite hanging port, then extended and wrapped around any available support point. Only one strap is needed in most cases. Normally, no leveling is required, as each light auto-levels upon being unfurled. A second strap may be used to coil up any excess cable.

Absolutely. These are the most versatile shelter lights available. Changing their spacing or quad size is as simple as re-attaching the hanging strap to a new support point. If an area of high intensity illumination is needed, four or five of these BATLite units may be removed and re-hung in a very tight arrangement to provide more than 150 foot-candles at the task.

The first BATLite unit in the series is plugged into a regular NEMA 5-15 female wall receptacle or a switched receptacle or the Master Control Switch, which is included in each BATLite Kit.

If the first light in the series is connected into a switched receptacle, then the entire string may be turned ON/OFF by flipping that single switch.

No, all lights in a series of lights remain ON even if any other lights in the string have been individually turned OFF.

Yes, each BATLite unit has an integral top-mounted three-way switch allowing the single light to be powered ON, powered OFF, or switched to Low Power Black-Out.

The BATLite units are engineered and manufactured to be totally maintenance-free. There is nothing to replace or reset on the lights. No part of the light is replaceable nor should it ever have to be. All you should ever need to do is keep dust off the outside of the lenses to assure good illumination.

No. The BATLite system helps you battle light. At less than two pounds each, these are the most lightweight military shelter lights you can find.

Normally BATLite kits are shipped in sturdy corrugated cartons accommodating 8, 10 or 14 lights and the Master Control Switch. All required straps, a 10′-long extension cable and instructions are packed into each carton.

BATLite lights are so rugged that no special handling or packing is required. They don’t need to be handled with kid gloves. Simply unplug and remove each light from the tent, and use the hanging strap to band the coiled cords around the T-handle of the light. Drop each bundled light and the Master Control Switch into a backpack, duffle bag or container and you are done. Heavy Duty shipping containers are available as an option, but you won’t need them.

Yes, the lights are engineered and built to simply leave in place and attached inside most shelters. There is no need to remove them. They are compact and rugged enough to be left attached and folded up with the tent/shelter. Basically the BATLite system is nearly indestructible unless there is severe misuse.

We do not recommend powering any other electrical equipment from the BATLite receptacles. Since such equipment could draw far more current than a typical BATLite unit, the system could be damaged and warranty voided.

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