Nearly Indestructible

Unlike other lights, the shock / vibration resistant BATLite® tactical lighting system was made for rough treatment. BATLite’s super-rugged, high-impact materials and construction were engineered specifically for military field applications. You can drop it, throw it, immerse it or freeze it — even run over it — and it will just keep working, in temperatures from -48°F to +148°F. And when you’re breaking down your tents, just leave your BATLite lights in place — no need to take them down and pack them away. When you set up at the next site, your BATLite system will be in place, ready for duty.

Energy Efficient

Want a light that more than returns its investment? That’s BATLite®. It’s patented design means it consumes up to 60% less energy than other lights in the field today. That means you cut your energy consumption from lighting in half. It also means you can operate up to 60 BATLite units from a single outlet, even in the most challenging field conditions. And because their patented energy-efficient design, coupled with their rugged construction, means each BATLite light boasts an unprecedented life expectancy of approximately 50,000 hours.

Incredibly Trouble Free

The BATLite® tactical lighting system is designed to install quickly and easily. You can operate up to 60 BATLite units from one outlet with a single master switch that can turn all lights on, off or into blackout mode with the flip of a single switch. They can easily be configured for any space, and are designed to disperse light evenly across the entire workspace, regardless of how they’re configured. They can operate from a portable generator or conventional AC — evenly with widely fluctuating currents. And even though they’re nearly indestructible, they’re also incredibly lightweight. And they’re maintenance free, too.

The BATLite® system is the leading LED lighting solution for today’s most challenging field shelter applications. The BATLite system can be installed in existing tents/liners with no modification or special equipment required, and is designed to hang in any uneven structure, roofline or hut.

Unlike other lights, BATLite tactical field lights provide an even distribution of illumination across the workspace. No more dark, low light areas in a tent.

Each BATLite unit can plug into a standard outlet and be independently operated — or plug them into one another and power up to 60 lights from a single outlet. Each BATLite light can be set to one of the three operating modes (normal, blackout and off) without impacting the status of the other lights in the chain.

White BATLite Tent
Full BATLite

Plugged into one standard outlet, the Master Control Switch can change the state of operation of all 60 lights from normal to blackout or off mode at the flip of a single switch.

Made in the USA, the BATLite tactical lighting system provides full operational flexibility, allowing for many lighting configurations based on tent type or setup and light intensity needs.